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Ukraine's Best & Unusual Sites
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Ukraine is full of interesting and unusual sites to visit, some of which you
will not find in the guidebooks. We have explored, described and arranged
these interesting cultural and historical places for you according to the
following categories:
Jewish Heritage Sites
Ukraine was once home to a strong Jewish cultural tradition, most of which was destroyed as a result of World War II. Many communities in Western Ukraine were
once more than 70% Jewish, but now all that remains are a handful of Jewish
graveyards, synagogues and inhabitants, who keep these traditions alive.

Byzantine/Orthodox Sites
A thousand years ago Ukraine was home to the glorious Byzantine culture and many ancient sacred Orthodox sites still survive to this day.

Located in central Ukraine, Podillya has been the cultural heart of rural Ukraine for centuries. Also known as the bread basket of Eastern Europe, this region is rich in
agriculture, folk arts and historical sites like the fortress at Kamyanets-Podillski.

(eng.svetlanatravel.com/cities/KamenetsPodolskiy/Tours/TOURS1/HistorY/ or www.
infoukr.com/en/catalog1/khmeln/kamenpod/). The modern-day city of Vinnytsia (www.
vinnytsatourism.com.ua) is considered to be Podillya's capital.

Hutsul Sites in the Carpathians
Located in western Ukraine, many Hutsul communities like Kosiv, Kolomiya and Yaremche are where you will find the most authentic handicrafts and folk traditions in
all Ukraine. The beautiful Carpathian Mountains are an inspiration to these artists and
keep the spirit of the Ukrainian identity alive.

Castles and Fortresses
Western Ukraine is full of legendary castles and fortresses, many of which are located in unexpected places. Please visit the following link for more information: