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If you would like the Ukrainian Heritage Foundation to research your family history in
Ukraine, please be prepared to do the following:

1. Send us as much information as possible, including names, dates & places where
your family lived, as well as what you want us to look for: who, what, where, when.
2. We will review data & decide whether it is within our ability.
3. Sign a written contract between the customer and the UHF.
4. On approval, we proceed with the research.
5. We will identify relevant sources (archives, museums, communities) and make
contacts for further information.
6. We will submit a written summary (sources contacted, maps, etc.) to the client with
a suggested/tentative plan for an actual visit.

Fee structure:
Initial consultation fee (no travel involved): $100 (up to 10 hours)
Ancestor research within Vinnytska oblast (with travel): From $250
Ancestor research outside Vinnytska oblast (with travel): From $500

NOTE: The initial $100 fee is for up to 10 hours of research that does not involve an
actual visit and identifies sources of archival information that may require further
detailed research – and further expense. The higher fees are meant to reflect
expenses incurred for time & travel to explore specific site(s). Obviously, the closer
the destination site is to Vinnytsia, the easier it is for us, although, we are very open
to and comfortable with traveling throughout the country.

These prices do NOT include the fees that Ukrainian government agencies may
charge for access to and/or copies of archival records.
So, some additional fees for
the above may be required. Please be aware that many books & archival records
were either lost, destroyed or relocated due to border changes during the 20th
century, which makes it a bit more complicated than the usual geneaological search.
(EX: L’viv was part of both Poland and Austria at different times, and formerly know as

Ultimately, we encourage you to make trip here, once we determine what there is for
you to see (in terms of research) and what you want to see as a tourist. We plan to
design heritage excursions for our individual family & group clients as well.

The following testimonials are stories of individuals' search for their ancestors
in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Heritage Foundation thanks them for their

Geoffrey Gese's travel to Wokolow