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Ukrainian Heritage
The primary goal of the Ukrainian Heritage Foundation is to preserve
Ukraine’s culture and history—for the benefit of those now living in
Ukraine and for those of Ukrainian ancestry living around the world.
Ancestor Research
Upon request, we will help clients research their Ukrainian ancestral roots by visiting the locations where their family came from, and helping them locate available historical
records, gain access to public documents and research information from local

Living History
The initial project is to record and document what is called “living history,” direct recollections of Ukraine’s 20th century through the voices of its elders—from those
who lived through it. The urgency of this project is obvious as many of these elders
are over 80, so there is limited time to discover their knowledge, experience, insight
and wisdom. This project also offers an opportunity for younger generations to learn
what their parents’ and grandparents’ lives were really like.

Heritage Tourism
This project is to develop heritage tours throughout Ukraine each with its own cultural/historical focus: Jewish, Orthodox/Byzantine, Tatar, Cossack, Old European,
Carpathian/Hutsul... And more.
Discovering Your Ukrainian Roots
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